Solar System Bracelet

Solar System Planet Bracelet Symbolizes you as the Sun and everything else surrounding your planets which result in positive energy. Our universe is mysteriously beautiful and so are you. The solar system planet bracelet will keep you away from everything negative.

Sun - Citrine: Abundance, Prosperity, & Positivity 

Mercury - Larvikite: Protection & Grounding

Venus - Pyrite: Physical Wellbeing 

Earth - Imperial Jasper: Reduce Stress & Trauma 

Mars - Carnelian: Courage, Endurance, & Motivation

Jupiter - Tiger Eye: Power, Courage, & Protection

Saturn - Picture Jasper: Grounding & Comfort

Uranus - Aquamarine: Calming & Reduces Stress

Neptune - Lapis: Self Awareness

Pluto - Hematite: Grounding

Night Sky - Blue Goldstone: Confidence & Ambition 

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